Pads, Shoulder
1920 Approximate
Football Shoulder Pads. Material: leather, textile, metal. Size: 11" x 22" L. x 8" H. Description: tan quilted canvas lined vest, protective canvas covered plates riveted over lining, leather shoulder cups; draw string adjusters front and back, canvas straps with metal buckles adjust pads under arms; stamped on front left: Front; stamped on left front: F354 Lowe & Campbell Athletic Co.
These pads were found in the attic of a house near Oak Park, Waseca in a box labeled Lloyd or Floyd Wright. Lowe and Campbell Athletic Goods was a sports equipment manufacturer and retailer based in Kansas City, Missouri until 1931 when it was acquired by Wilson Sporting Goods. In the 1920s the Lowe & Campbell Athletic Equipment Co. was based at 15th and Baltimore in Downtown Kansas City.