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Ed Kubat, Tim Dann, Mert Schwarz, Brad Milbrath. Four generation Waseca County Sheriffs. Sheriff Mert Schwarz began his career in 1960, became Sheriff in September of 1976 and retired December 31, 1982. Sheriff Ed Kubat served from January 1, 1983 until December 31, 1998. Sheriff Tim Dann served from January 1, 1999 until November 30, 2010. Sheriff Brad Milbrath began his service December 1, 2010.
Sheriff Don Eustice preceded Sheriff Mert Schwarz and was elected January 1, 1967, serving until he was killed in the Line of Duty on September 4, 1976. He was killed by Kenneth Jewison. Sheriff Eustice is the only Waseca County Officer to be killed in the line of duty. His name can be found on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington D.C. and going to Panel: 45-E: 3. The first Waseca County Sheriff was Nathaniel Garland and he was appointed by the Governor in 1857.