Print, Photographic
4-H Leaders Council. 3 3/4" x 4 3/4" black and white photo. Group of men and women sitting on metal folding chairs; identified, first row, 4th 5th from left: Mrs. Oscar Rugroden, Oscar Rugroden; 3rd row, last chair: Avis Hoelz Rugroden; 4th row, last two chairs: Mary Ann Peterson and Joan Frisk (Proehl); 5th row, last two chairs: Clarence Battey and Curtis Swenson (print shirt). Note on back: "Taken by Eldon Madison U of M guest speaker on photography."
4-H photos documenting the activities and people of the Waseca County 4-H Clubs, including the Woodville Hustlers, the Palmer Sunbeams, Waldorf Peppy Peppers. There are photos at the Minnesota State Fair and the Waseca County Fair showing all kinds of competitions, demonstrations of home and farm learning of skills.