Program, Marriage
Suemnick, Below Wedding. Material: paper. Size: 4" x 9". Description: white textured, folded card stock, front graphic of gray cross and gold rings; inside marriage service uniting Karen Rae Suemnick and Calvin Joel Below, First Congregational Church, October 23, 1976; names printed on right side: Roy McGrath (pastor), Penny Peters (organist), Carol Suemnick (soloist), Anne Byron (Maid of Honor), Cindy Bosacker and Cindy Swenson (Bridesmaids), Crystal McDonough (flower girl), Carlin Below (Best Man), Butch Howard and Dale Suemnick (Groomsmen), Jonathan Suemnick (Ring Bearer), Phil Arnoldt, Marlin Kreutz, Bob Suemnick (Ushers), Judy Mokoff (Personal Attendant), Mr. and Mrs. Art Suemnick (Hosts), Mr. and Mrs. Walt Suemnick (Parents of the Bride and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Below (Parents of the Groom).