Program, Marriage
Weichmann, Hunt Wedding. Material: paper. Size: 4" x 9". Description: white folded card stock, front graphic of Greek Christian symbol and intertwining gold rings; inside printed order of marriage service for Nadine Amy Wiechmann and James Edward Hunt, First Lutheran Church, St. Peter...June 28, 1969; right inside printed names: Rev. Robert Esbjornson and Father Raymond F. Rypel (Officiating Clergymen), Mrs. Clair Johnson (Organist), Mrs. Robert Enfield (Soloist), Kay Hendrickson (Maid of Honor), Mrs. Dale Roble (Bridesmaid), Donald Richards (Best Man), Dale Roble (Groomsman) and Mrs. Joel Bexell (Personal Attendant); reverse side print: message to marriage guests and explanation of the marriage symbol.