Planter, Corn
1880 Approximate
Hayes Corn Planter. Material: metal, wood. Size: 5' W. x 15' L. Description: yellow metal planter; "Hayes"; wooden tongue for use with horses, converging steel wheels, self-winding check wire.
This planter was used from the 1880s to the turn of the century. Corn was check row planted so the crop could be cultivated horizontally, vertically and diagonally. In checking, the wire was uncoiled for the full length of the field and fitted with a stake at each end. The planter was lined up with the wire running through a channel at each side. This channel had a trigger, which was tripped with knots on the wire as it ran through the channel. At the end of the field the wire was released, the planter was turned around and the stake was moved to bring the wire up to the new planter position and the wire was inserted into a duplicate channel on the opposite side. Purchased from W.J. Priebe, Waseca in 1905. It has planted over 50 crops.