Twin Cities Swedish Stories. Material: paper. Size: 8" x 9 1/2". Description: blue card stock cover with title print: So Far Away in the World, Stories from the Swedish Twin Cities; contents:175 numbered pages of personal narratives descriptive of the Swedish Americans in the Twin City community; names mentioned: Grace Blomquist Anderson, Charlotte Lindquist Hansen, Phyllis Johnson Elfstrom; Bertha Brunius, Albin Johnson, John Wallberg; Ewa and Anders Rydaker, Margareta Jern Beyer; Bill Beyer, Annie Robertson, Axel Ohman, Victor Fridlund, Axel Johnson, Cliff Brunzell, Gunhild Karlsson Anderson, Lorraine Wallberg McGrath, Don Carlson, Audrey Grann Johnson, Mildred Soderholm Grann, Eric Norelius, William Hyllengren, Youngdahl, Renee Weberg Gillespie, Gretchen Carlson, Barbara Flanagan Sanford, Wendell Anderson, Ingebretsen, Swan Turnblad, Bruce Karstadt; photos, index.
Hand signed by author Anne Gillespie Lewis.
So Far Away in the World; stories from the Swedish Twin Cities
Anne Gillespie Lewis