Waseca Historic Context Study. Material: paper, plastic. Size: 8 1/2" x 11". Description: white card stock cover; color postcard photo graphics of Waseca buildings on cover; cover text: City of Waseca Historic Context Study; black plastic spiral bound; contents: 74 numbered pages include maps and chapters on Waseca's history, Native American settlements, railroads, agriculture, commerce, industry, civic life, Trowbridge Park, Loon and Clear Lake, Chautauqua, National Register properties, housing, historic preservation tax credits.
This study was prepared for the Waseca Heritage Preservation Commission: Les Tlougan, Jean Byron, Justine Meyer, Pat Pearson, John Pribble, Robin Terrell and Joan Mooney (Waseca County Historical Society).
City of Waseca Historic Context Study
Thomas R. Zahn Associates
Thomas R. Zahn Associates