Horse, Shaving (Froe)
Carving Bench, Schnitzle Bank. Material: wood. Size: 13" W. x 27" H x 70" Long. Description: white painted four legged wooden bench; vise attached to bench; moveable rounded top slides into various positions; German name for this tool: Schnitzlebank.
The Schnitzelbank, or "drawing horse", is a woodworking tool used in Germany prior to the industrial revolution. Its name literally means "carving bench" (from Schnitzel: carve and bank: bench). It uses the mechanical advantage of a foot-operated lever to securely clamp the object to be carved. A variety of tools can then be employed to shape the object, most of which are knives or blades that are drawn towards the artisan. This Schnitzle Bank was patterned after one seen in the State Historical Building and was made by Aaron Draheim. This device was used to hold material as in a vise while making shingles or sharpening wood with a draw shave. On loan to Farmamerica as of 2010.