Settling of Waseca County. Material: paper, plastic. Size: 8 1/2" x 11". Description: white paper cover and contents, cover typed print: Mankato State University, The Settling of Waseca County, 1854-1857: A Segment of the American Westward Movement; contents: 27 numbered typewritten pages detailing the westward movement, public land laws and the settling of Waseca County, including maps of Minnesota counties, land cessions by the Indians, survey of Wilton Township in 1855 and settlement patterns in Waseca County during the period from 1854-1857; pre-emption patent issued to Asa Sutlief on June 10, 1858,Waseca County ethnic population table and Waseca County land survey results of 1855.
Prepared paper for a Mankato State University class on Minnesota History to 1880.
The Settling of Waseca County, 1854-1857
Joyce Brown