Print, Photographic
1900 Approximate
Mud Baths. Three men each receiving a mud bath. Mudbaden Sulphur Springs, Mudbaden, Minn. 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" black and white photo.
Jordan Sulphur Springs Sanitarium and Shakopee’s Mudbaden Sulphur Springs Resort became famous for their sulphur-saturated mud baths. Opened in the early 1900s and billed as health resorts, they attracted both patients and vacationers hoping to restore their health and happiness. The popular resorts provided their unique treatments for nearly fifty years. Southern Minnesota was brimming in mineral springs. In addition to Owatonna, they were known to exist from Cannon Falls to Big Stone Lake on the western border. People who were ailing had few medical options in the nineteenth century and many took holiday to seek restoration at mineral springs and mud baths. “Taking the waters� was thought to correct iron deficiency as well as other more serious ailments. With growing industrial pollution in large cities, people felt better with a treatment of cool mineral drinks followed by a sulphur mud bath. The forerunner of spas, Minnesota’s abundant mineral springs attracted health-seekers from around the country.