1870 Approximate
Frame. Material: wood, glass. Size: 19" x 23". Description: wooden frame - gold painted trim - glass front. 16" x 20" crayon portrait of Henry Frederick Bierman, born in Germany in 1816, died December 22, 1880 in Wilton, Minnesota (County seat at that time); married to Dorothea; grandfather to Bernie Bierman, the University of Minnesota football coach; Child's History of Waseca County notes that the first school was held in his house, a log cabin, and Mary Bishman was the teacher.
Charcoal portrait - (On previous label) "Henry Frederick Bierman was born in Germany in 1816, and died December 22, 1880 in Wilton, Minnesota, county seat at that time. He was the husband of Dorothea Bierman and grandfather of Bernie Bierman, University (of Minnesota) Football coach.