Print, Photographic
Domy Murder Scene Photos. Material: paper. Size: 8" x 10". Description: nine photos of the Domy murder crime scene. See Comment area below.
Domy murders crime scene photos. These photos are not appropriate to be viewed on the Internet. If you are doing serious research and would like to view the photos please contact a staff member at the Waseca County Historical Society. The crime progressed as follows: Herbert Erno shot and killed Clarence Domy, Ellen Yanke, Herman Domy and then killed himself. Florence Domy was able to escape to the Willie Kreutz home and call for help. Reported by The Waseca Herald, Waseca, Minn, January 23, 1959 and The Waseca Journal, Waseca, Minn. January 28, 1959. Photographed by: Waseca Business, Crawford Photography.