1915 Approximate
The Standard Electric Time Co. Clock. Instructions for Master Clock. Material: paper. Size: 8" x 11" Description: white paper - black print - diagram of clock interior with corresponding letters listed below - "Master Clock Movement."
Waseca Central Intermediate School clock but came from the era when the school was called Waseca Senior High School. This clock was original to the building. Erwin Olson was the WHS Science teacher from 1937-1973 and he obtained the clock when the school upgraded to different clocks. Erwin Olson is the father of Carol Rausch. The Standard Electric Time Company of Springfield, Massachusetts, made electric time systems for public buildings, private industry, schools and other institutions. The systems consist of a master clock, and secondary (or slave) clocks located in any number of rooms. The slave clocks are electrically controlled by the master clock.