1950 Approximate
Folded Wallet. Material: leather, textile, metal, paper, plastic. Size: 3 3/4" W. x 4 1/2" L. x 1/2" D. (folded) Description: brown leather - opens to twice its folded length - closure on three sides with gold-toned metal and brown cotton zipper - inside pocket extends along length of wallet - inside coin pocket closes with one metal snap in a foldover flap - gold colored stamp on coin pocket: "Genuine Calf Kip" - inside: two plastic sleeves, one holding white identification card for "Mrs. Elliot (Viola) Lowery", one holding brown envelope with black printing: "Drive Carefully! Frank S. Papke Clerk of District Clerk Waseca, Minnesota" and holding a signed white note stating that Viola Lowery has made application for a Driver's License and a blue cardstock motor vehicle license card dated 1952 - side pocket holds white identification card for Mrs. Elliott Lowery stating that in case of accident Oscar Schwanke is to be notified.
Two steamer trunks donated by the Waseca Neighborhood Service Center; containing photographs and artifacts from the Lowery family; persons identified include Elliot Lowery, Viola Lowery, Gailen Lowery, Linda Lowery, Floyd Lowery; Kamrath, Dougie and Judy. Viola Lowery, b. May 19, 1919; d. April 24, 1954; Elliot Lowery, b. 1916; d. April 2, 1993.