1.06.119 a,b,c
Razor, encased
1900 Approximate
Straight Edge Razor. (a) Razor. Material: metal, celluloid. Size: 3/4" W. x 6 1/4" (folded). Description: steel straight edge razor - stamped on one side of tang: "H. Boker & Co. Germany" - stamped on other side of tang: "Red Injun No. 101" - brown celluloid case - blade attached with rivet to case end - blade folds into case slot along one side - tree graphic stamped on blade and case. (b, c) Case. Material: leather, paper. Size: 1" W. x 6 1/2" L. x 3/8" D. Description: white leather over cardboard - (b) case stamped: "Telofit Trade Mark" with inspection and usage note at one end. [c] Case lid. Description: stamped: A.W.N.Y., encircled and quartered - stamped on end: "Germany".