33.03 a, b
1949 Approximate
(a and b). Material: wood, leather and metal. Size: 7" W. x 49 1/2" L. Description: natural oak - one piece of wood split into two near bottom spreads to form a V at each top - brown leather strap is affixed with rivets horizontally at the top of each crutch - wooden spindle holds the two staffs apart about one quarter of the way down from the top - metal rivets run through the staff near bottom where crutch splits in two. Crutches are identical except "a" has a rubber non-skid cup on bottom.
Crutches were used when needed by Leonard B. Anderson of Waseca due to the after affects of polio. (1949-1994). Leonard called them his "sticks". He and his wife, Lois operated the popcorn wagon in Waseca between the years of 1951 and 1971. The wagon was later moved to Mason City, Iowa.