Material: wood, metal. Size: 9" W. x 14" L. x 3/4" thick. Description: brown, stained and varnished wood - two-piece, hinged - closes like a book - open faces display an inlaid silver-colored plate on each side - left side plate displays picture of the Minnesota Capitol Building and is inscribed with a message from the Governor: "A true Minnesota Statesman. For 24 years, Rod served his district and our state as a member of the Minnesota Legislature. Through his roles as committee chairman, caucus leader and Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives, Rod won the respect of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle. No better qualified individual could have risen to the Speaker's chair. Inspired by a spirit of compromise and sense of fair play, Rod skillfully guided the evenly-divided House through an historic legislative session." Albert H. Quie, Governor State of Minnesota - right side, photo of Rod Searle.
Award presented to donor by Minnesota Gov. Albert H. Quie.