36.00.9 a,b
Medal, Military
1946 Approximate
a) Medal. Material: metal and textile. Size: 1 3/8" W. x 3" L. Description: bronze disk attached to a green, red, brown, white and black vertically striped grosgrain ribbon - pin clasp on ribbon back - obverse of medal displays prow of naval boat with armed and helmeted soldiers in the foreground - imprinted: "European African Middle Eastern Campaign" - reverse: displays a side view of a perched eagle imprinted "1941-1945 United States of America". (b) Box. Material: paper. Size: 2 3/8" W. x 4 3/8" L. x 1/2" deep. Description: dark blue cardboard top and bottom - white label on one side: "8455-00-269-5768 - Medal Set. European, African, Middle Eastern Campaign. 1 Set - A 3/85 - DLA100 84 C 4546".
U.S. Naval Uniform and medals of Chief Petty Officer-Donald W. Asmus. Donor's note: "Fidelia - N. Africa".