41.82.2 a,b
Basket, Trinket
1880 Approximate
Material: wood and textile. Size: (a) basket - 5 1/2" diameter x 3" H. (b) basket lid - 6" diameter x 3" H. (includes handle height). Description: circular basket and lid fashioned from birch bark dyed in two shades of brown - trimmed in green, blue and red flowers cut from birch bark and attached with light cord. Loop handle on top of lid.
Native American. Used by donor's wife as a button container. The box has been in the family since 1881. Notation on bottom is difficult to read but says it was made in 1881. Rose Gorman was born and raised in St. Mary Township. Her brother was Charlie Gorman. She gave the button box or trinket basket to Gordon Blowers and his wife before she died in the early 1950s. Rose was a cousin of Germaine Blowers' mother. Currently displayed in the flat exhibit case located on the museum balcony timeline.