28.02.2 g,i,j
Pin, Military
WWII Army Unit, Draftee and Artillery Pins. Material: metal. (g) Pin. Description: blue, red enameled gold metal - Overseas Placement (unit designation) G2 AAA(anti-aircraft artillery) founded in 1789 (one of the oldest units) Pfc-3/5/1958I. (i) Pin. U.S. gold pin-draftee 6/13/1957. Could not find 28.02.2 i as of 10 September 2015. (j) Pin. 1" gold pin (crossed cannons) represents Artilley.
Mr. Guentzel lived in Janesville (Alton township), drafted on 6/13/1957, training at Ft. Polk, Louisiana, service school at Ft. Knox, Kentucky. W.W.II/Korean War. Standard uniform issued in 1957-Eisenhower style jacket. Sleeve patch represents 7th Army created in 1942-African campaign, "Born at Sea"(Atlantic),bathed in blood,and crowned in glory designated by blue, gold, and red. Found only at this time: 28.02.2g, j.