1880 Approximate
Trunk. Material: metal, wood, paper, textile. Size: 32" W. x 22" H. x 17" deep. Description: gold and black metal covered trunk - four wooden slats on lid and base - printed on top wooden slat: "D.E. Perrin" - two metal latches and center key hole on front - key inside trunk - decorative metal trim - leather handle on each side - brown cardboard interior - colored picture of a girl holding a cat on the top of lid - wooden tray insert.
D.E. Perrin written on top. Trunk was used by Mr. Dresden E. Perrin at the time he was hired as a director for a traveling orchestra for the Redman Theatrical Company he was living in Antigo, WI. He was 18 years old and already director of a seven piece orchestra. The Redman troupe was well known and traveled through Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Mr. Perrin came to Waseca about 1898. He is reported as having directed the Little German Band that welcomed the volunteers back from the Spanish American War. He married Emma Bierman, daughter of a territorial pioneer. They had no children. He was "Mr. Music" in Waseca for nearly fifty years. Mr. Perrin was instrumental in getting a High School band organized. He was a composer as well as a musician and the museum has some of his music as well as a uniform. Bands that he directed won many prizes. Marches that he directed always had snap and cadence.