UMW King's Crown. Material: textile, glass, metal. Size: 8" W. x 9" L. x 7 1/2" H. Description: red velvet crown with a white faux ermine brim; gold colored metal bands encircle bottom crown above "ermine" and four gold colored bands extend upward at equal intervals from horizontal band to center crown, each band edged with faux pearls; red, blue, green, pink and amber faux gems encircled with sequin edging form a vertical decoration on each gold metal band; same faux gems placed horizontally around gold colored hat band; one gold colored fleur-de-lis placed between each quad formed by the upward bands; single gold colored pediment topped with a red faux gem at crown center; brown felt lining.
King's Crown used during Homecoming Coronation the University of Minnesota, Waseca royalty.