65.89.1 d
Bailey and Watkins Hardware Records
Number of sheets: 1 Bound record book containing daily receipts and charges for the from Bailey and Watkins Hardware Store from 12 August 1890 - 30 March 1896. C. Bailey was born 15 October 1828, in New York and came to Wilton in 1857. He opened the first hardware store in Wilton with his brother in-law, H. P. West. After Mr. West's death, J. H. Wightman was Bailey's partner. When Waseca was settled he and Mr. George Watkins opened Waseca's first hardware store under the name Bailey and Watkins. They handled Standard Oil Goods. He also had part ownership in Dodge Hardware in Janesville with his brother in-law, D. J. Dodge. George Watkins, born 27 May 1820, in New York, also settled in Wilton in 1857 where he was engaged in the hardware business before joining with Mr. Bailey.