7743 a,b
Badge, (Encased)
(a) Badge. Material: metal, textile. Size: 1 3/4" W. x 5 5/8" L. Description: Knight's Badge of the Order of St. Gregory. Gold and orange vertically striped grosgrain ribbon - green enameled metal laurel wreath attached at bottom area - orange enameled cross extends from wreath - cross displays bust of St. Gregory and the legend: "S. Gregorius Magnus" - on cross reverse: "Gregorius XVI. P.M.Anno I". (b) Case. Material textile, metal, paper. Size: 4" W. x 6" L. x 7/8" D. Description: maroon leatherized paper over a hinged cardboard box - gold border - gold satin lining - gold felt depression holds cross - gold metal clasp on front.
Waseca City Churches - Sacred Heart Catholic. Gallagher. Order of St. Gregory. Awarded to Henry M. Gallagher in 1949. See certificate (#7859), badge (#7743a,b), book (#7742), jacket (#7745a), trousers (#7745b), hat (#7744), sword (#7746) & photograph (#7747). As of 18 December 2015, medal missing from box.