2908 a,b
1970 Approximate
Material: leather, fiber and rubber. (a,b) Size: 3" W. x 10 1/4" L. x 4 1/2" H. Descrption: red dyed leather pump - suede lining - short spike heel capped with black rubber - brown leather sole - green insole stamped with gold print: "Joyce California Cushion-Fiber Innersole". - stamped inside heel of right shoe: "22 8 8/AA 29972M".
Woman's Accessories. Note with shoes: "These slippers have 'baby spike' heels. Accessioned in 1970 as a contempary item. This pair of shoes show that they were dyed red from a lighter color. Shoe dyes which were very effective could be readily purchased in shops & the shoes dyed at home."