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Waseca County Chautauqua Association Records
Number of sheets: 1 Green ticket for Steamer Commodore for S.S. Phelps and Family Clear Lake, Waseca Season of 1883. On back: "Explanation. This ticket entiries the person whose name is written thereon, or any member of his family, to as many trips on the Steamer Commodore, as there are numbers in the margin. The master in charge of the boat will punch out a number for each person on this ticket when so used. Children under ten years, half fare. Signed A. B. Jamison, Secretary and Treasurer Commodore Co." Formed in 1883 as the Waseca Chautauqua Assembly; stock was sold and Maplewood Park became one of the finest resorts in the state; never a financial success it brought many visitors and nationally known speakers to Waseca's Maplewood Park, and continued into the 1920s. Subscriptions were sold. There was a hotel, water slide, cottages and tent platforms. Later Chautauquas were held at Trowbridge Park in Waseca.