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Ribbon, Fraternal
Encampment Badge, AUSWV. Material: metal, paper, textile. Size: 1 5/8" W. x 5 1/8" L. Description: gold and red vertically striped ribbon - silver printing across ribbon: "13th Annual State Encampment 7 U.S.W.V. Waseca, Minn. July 9-10-11, 1917" - reverse side silver print: "Torsch & Franz, Baltimore, MD" - suspended from ribbon with gold colored metal loop: gold edged medallion framing a white paper under clear celluloid Gold cross inside green laurel leaf wreath - center graphic: two armed soldiers facing kneeling person - printed in black on each arm of cross: Philippine Islands, Cuba, Porto Rico, U.S.A." and border printed around graphic: "Spanish War Veterans, 1898-1902" - reverse side medallion: black and white photo print of the Thompson Boat Hous and Landing, Waseca, Minnesota.
Waseca County Military - Spanish American War. Organizations - United Spanish War Veterans. Waseca business: Thompson Boat House. From the 1917 Spanish American War convention held in Waseca. Mrs. Nigg was the first president of the Women's Auxiliary in Waseca.