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Waseca County Farmers Club and Agricultural Society Records
Number of sheets: 1 Hardcover minutes book. Book was given to the WCHS by vote of the Agricultural Society board of directors in meeting 12-1-1965. Notes made by Mr. Goodspeed: Page 76 Year 1890 "Build additional sheds and pens"; Page 81 Year 1890. "Note breaking tie on vote for 1st Vice President"; Page 83 and 85 Year 1891. "Do you suppose John Moonan has a 'Secretary' to write up the minutes and sign his name?"; Page 84 Year 1891 "Amended the Constitution"; Page 110 and 111 Year 1896 John Moonan and George H. Goodspeed secretaries; Page 148 Year 1910 Asked County Commissioner's help on debts; Page 150 Year 1911(?) Township agents to promote membership; Page 152 and 154 Year 1912(?) Asked County Commissioner's Appropriation for buildings; Page 159 Year 1911 Auditing committee; Page 161 Two members in each voting precinct to selicit members. February 15, 1879, notice was previously published in the Minnesota Radical, calling a meeting for the purpose of organizing a Farmer's Club. The fee for joining was fifty cents. The Club elected August Brandt, President; Wm. Brisbane and James Dunn, Vice President; H.C. Woodbury, Secretary; and Chas. SanGallie, Treasurer. Meeting was adjourned for two weeks. April 1, 1879 a constitution was adopted and the club held regular monthly meetings after that in the Village of Waseca. Mr. Trowbridge offered grounds free and they were accepted. The first fair was held on the last Wednesday in March in the Village of Waseca. The purpose of the fair was to accomadate those who wanted to bring in livestock to trade or sell. The fee fixed was for admission of one horse, $.25 and each additional horse 15 cents owned by the same person. Cattle 10 cents per head - for two or more 5 cents per head - sheep and hogs were 5 cents per head - two or more 2 (two) cents per head. January 25, 1881, the President, Vice President and Secretary were the first delegates to represent the Society at the State Fair meeting. The first annual fair was held on the first four days of October, 1883. A race track was decided on. Mr. Trowbridge donated the grounds. The premiums at the first fair was $49.00. Entrance fee was ten cents. September 26, 1886, it was decided to call the Society The Waseca County Agricultural, Mechanical and Industrial Society. January 27, 1887, the County was asked to purchase the Fair Grounds. This was the first year for horse racing. A grandstand 24 feet by 60 feet and ten feet high was built.