1686 a,b
1880 Approximate
Material: leather, metal. Color: black. (a) Right boot. Size - 7 1/2 " L x 2 3/4 " W x 11 " H. Black leather upper, calf high, 2 loops at top for pulling boots on. Copper piece on outside of toe with printing that reads "PAT NOV.29.185?, ??D.NOV.29.18??". Inner sole in leather. Sole is leather, heel made of several layers of leather. (b) Left boot. Same as above. Condition - very worn, back & front are creased.
Copper toed boots worn by Sam Pfaff, who owned the Pfaff Furniture Store and Funeral Home. Worn in the 1880s. Child's Accessories. Worn by S.F. (Sam) Pfaff in the 1880s. Donor is his daughter-in-law Mrs. George Pfaff (Marguerite Gove).