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Ribbon, Fraternal
Auxiliary of the United Spanish War Veterans Membership Badge. Material: metal and textile. Size: 1 3/8" W. x 3 3/8" L. Description: white, yellow and red vertically striped ribbon suspended from a decorative metal bar - stamped across bar: "A.U.S.W.V" - brass medallion hangs from bar - Spanish American War symbol in relief: seal of war centered on a cross on an eight-pointed star - border print around symbol: "National Auxiliary U.S. W.V." - imprint on back: "The Whitehead & Hoag Co Neward J.H."- attaching pin catch on back.
Waseca County Military - Spanish American War. Auxiliary of United Spanish War Veterans (AUSWV). Women. Found in a wooden cabinet along with annual reports & proceedings. Ribbon's significance is unknown. It may be a nation's flag.