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Pin, political
PLACEHOLDER G.A.R. Grand Army Personal Badge. Material: metal. Size: 2" W. x 3" L. (a) Top piece. Size: 3/4" W. x 1 3/4" L. Description: brass toned metal bar shaped into the letters "GAR": red enameled metal "G"; white enameled metal "A" and blue enameled "R" with a metal overlay: "Washington"; reverse side: safety pin style catch; two metal loop hangers at bottom edge. (b) Bottom piece. Size: 2" W. x 2 1/4" L. Description: brass oval nameplate displays U.S. Capitol Building, infantryman figure on one side, sailor figure on other side, and border printing: "36th Nat'l Encampment Oct. 6-10 1902"; brass spread-wing eagle at top on crossed cannons, brass star bearing profile of George Washington center below center oval; reverse side print: "Official Souvenir, Schwaab B.&B. Co. Milwaukee"; two holes at top for suspending from upper pin.
Waseca County Military - Civil War. Grand Army of the Republic (GAR). Schwaab badges are most likely souvenir badges & slightly lower quality than most National & Department badges. Usually only one 'official' badge was designated but many were made. Missing as of 30 October 2015.