8469 F
medal, political
1918 Approximate
U.S. Army Uniform, 8469a-n - Victory Medal ribbon bar; 1 2/8'L x 5/16'W x 1/8'D; metal bar covered with ribbon in rainbow colors, from outside to center the colors are purple-blue-green-yellow-orange-red, color pattern is the same from either side; in center of the bar is a metal star on 2 prongs that are poked through & spread out on back; safety pin style catch is on back; bar is back with a yellow paper label that reads 'E.M.____ S.G.D.G.', the prongs from the star obliterate some of the letters; found on the left breast pocket flap of #8469e; condition - slightly rusty
Waseca County Military - WWI. Minnie Krause Estate. Complete uniform with helmet, boots, belt, money belt & gas mask. Worn by Edward Otto Krause in WWI. The Victory Medal commemorated WWI & was issued to all persons who served in the military forces or th