1015 b
Badge, Fraternal
1894 Approximate
PLACEHOLDER GAR Bar and Ribbon. Material: textile, metal. Size: 3" W. x 10" L. Description: silver toned metal bar with reverse side pin and catch, raised letters across bar: "G.A.R." (Grand Army of the Republic); white silk ribbon with black ribbon overlays is suspended from bar, silver colored lettering on black ribbon: "Mansfield Post. No. 35 Brooklyn, N.Y.", scalloped silver trimmed bottom edge; gold lettering and graphics on white ribbon: "In Memoriam" and GAR symbol graphic of an eagle and star, black ribbon overlay at lower edge, silver colored lettering: "Honor The Noble Dead" with top edge silver trim; lower edge tapers to a point with a gold metallic tassel suspended from point.
Waseca County Military - Civil War. GAR (Grand Army of the Republic). Badge worn by Anthony J. O'Grady of Janesville. He served with the 10th Minnesota Infantry, Company H. This ribbon would have been worn by G.A.R. Members at Memorial Day Parades and Funeral Services of fallen comrades. Missing as of 30 October 2015.