Bar, Ribbon
1950 Approximate
Material: metal, textile. Size: 3/8" W. x 4 1/4" L. Description: multi colored ribbons secured to an aluminum frame - first ribbon: red, blue and yellow stripes indicate National Defense Medal; second ribbon: blue with one center white stripe indicates Korea Service Medal; third ribbon: light blue and white striped indicates Korea Service Medal, United Nations - reverse side: two attaching pins with friction caps. U.S. Marine Dress Uniform, #28.98.1-6.
Found in the left front breast pocket of blouse (Acc. #28.98.2). It should be worn just above the left front breast pocket of the blouse in the horizontal position. Belonged to Lawrence P. "Shyde" Krause, nicknamed "Tiny" while in the military service. Waseca County Military - Korean War.