3245 d
Uniform, Military epaulet
U.S. Navy Nurse Corps Uniform Epaulet. Material: metal, plastic, leather. Size: 2" W. x 4 1/2 L. x 5/8" thick. Description: dark blue rectangle - Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG) shoulder board - tapers to a point on one end - wide gold stripe across top above a narrower gold stripe (rank insignia) - gold cord anchor with a tree overlay insignia (nurse corps insignia) in center of rectangle - gold button on tapered end - black leather strap beneath that attaches to jacket - button screws into a clear plastic piece - gold label stamped: "Army Navy Equipment, Meyer, New York, Trademark" - set with 3245c (see photo of front)
Waseca County Military - WWII. Women. Worn by Florence Scholljegerdes, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Scholljegerdes. She enlisted in the Navy Nurse corps, 10 Dec 1943, as an ensign. At the time of her gift of uniforms to WCHS she held the rank of Commander U.S.N.R.