Tornado Volunteer Appreciation Plaque. Material: wood, textile, tile. Size: 10" square x 1/2" D. Description: dark brown wood - white ceramic tile in center - green felt backing - gold loop hanger on back - black graphic of tornado on tile - gold lettering: "In Appreciation for generous efforts and aid given in such abundance to the people of the city and county of Waseca injured in person and property in the tornado emergency of April 30, 1967 and recovery days that followed. The unstinting donations of time, personal assistance and personal property greatly reduced the duffering and loss of those injured. These communities are profoundly grateful. Signed: Eugene Powell, Chairman Waseca County Commissions and Carl Swanson, Mayor City of Waseca, Minnesota."
Given to individuals, businesses & towns (anybody who helped during the crisis) after the tornado of 1967.