(7) Eyeglasses. Material: plastic, glass, metal. Size: 4 7/8" W. x 5" L. Description: black plastic riding bows and frames - stamped on bows: "5 1/4 Victory U.S.A." - rectangular shaped lenses. (8) Case. Material: plastic, metal. Size: 2 1/4" W. x 3/8" L. x 1 3/8" D. Description: Black plastic case with front snap closure, white plastic on the inside, metal nose piece inside in center. (9) Insert. Material: paper. Size: 2" W. x 3 1/2" L. Description: replacement guarantee printed in green ink with Walco logo, other side has date stamped in red ink andpatient's signature "Ricky Roeglin".
Worn by donor's oldest son, Rick Roeglin, in the 1960s. Eyeglasses deaccessioned 1-15-2005.