4622 a,b
(a) Glasses. Material: glass, metal, textile. Size: 1 3/8" W. x 5" L. Description: clear glass - eight-sided lenses - gold colored riding bows and nosepiece - nose pads. (b) Case. Material: leather, metal, textile. Size: 2 1/4" W. x 5 1/4" L. x 5/8" deep. Description: black leather cover, hinged, black velveteen lining, sticker inside: "These glasses are made according to your doctor's prescription by N.P. Benson Optical Co. Inc."
Worn by Elizabeth Bierman Herbst. Bierman Collection: Bernie Bierman was a football coach at the University of Minnesota for the Golden Gophers. Bernie Bierman was the grandson of a Waseca County pioneer, Heinrich F. Bierman. In 1855, Heinrich made a claim in sections 13, in Wilton and 18 in Otisco where he lived until December 22, 1882, when he was accidentally killed by a fall from a wagon. His wife and five children lived in Waseca after his death. Luella and Marguerite Herbst are the granddaughters of Mr. and Mrs. Heinrich Bierman, and the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Herbst. Mrs. Herbst was Elizabeth Bierman. They also donated items from Mr. and Mrs. D.E. Perrin. Mrs. Perrin was Emma Bierman.