(a) Glasses. Material: metal, glass, celluloid. Size: 4 5/8" W. x 4 3/8" L. x 1 5/8" D. Description: gold bows and hardware - glass lenses rounded on top and 3-sided at bottom - decoratively edged lenses screwed to rims - celluloid nose bridge pads. (b) Case. Material: leather, metal. Size: 4 3/8" W. x 5 1/8" L. x 5/8" D. Description: brown leather covering decoratively patterned with silver lettering: "Dr. J.L. Kubricek, Optometrist, Waseca, Minn." -burgundy velveteen lining. Included in case: cleaning cloth. Material: flannel. Size: 1" W. x 3" L.