1643 a,b,c
Set, Dresser
(a) Box. Material: celluloid, textile, wood, metal, paper. Size: 5 1/2" W. x 9" L. x 2 1/4" D. Description: ivory colored with multicolored floral design throughout - paper covered wooden box with scalloped edges - bottom hinged to top on one side with gold colored metal hinges - glossy celluloid lid top with same color and design as box sides - pink sateen lining over contoured top and bottom to hold set pieces - gold latch hook on front. (b) Hand mirror. Material: celluloid, glass. Size: 3" W. x 8" L. Description: ivory colored celluloid handle shaft and mirror frame - oval shaped mirror set in celluloid frame - raised floral design molded into backing and handle - raised scrolled "B" beneath mirror at top of handle. (c) Brush. Material: celluloid, bristle. Size: 2" W. x 7" L. Description: ivory colored celluloid - same design as hand mirror - soft off-white bristles embedded in brush end - raised "B" below bristles at top of handle.