Set, Toilet
Material: ceramic. (a) Pot. Size: 9 1/2" diameter x 5 3/4" H. Description: white china ironstone chamber pot - red floral design and white raised designs encircle rounded pot - curved ornate handle and raised base. (b) Lid. Size: 9" diameter x 2 3/4" H. (including handle). Description: white china ironstone - ornate top handle - curved edges - 1" W. lip around edge matches rim of pot - raised decorative scrolls on lid top and two red floral designs. [c] Pitcher. Size: 10" x 11 1/2". Description: white porcelain - red floral patterns on both sides - ornate handle - raised floral design in porcelain - small raised base. [d] Lid. Size: 4" Diameter.
Part of a set purchased at an auction in Waterville.