Curler, Hair
1970 Approximate
Electric Hair Curler Kit. Material: paper, plastic, metal. (a) Curler unit. Size: 4" W. x 9 1/4" L. x 4 1/2" H. Description: gold colored metal base mounted over an electrical heating unit; twenty steel posts extend up from base; twenty removable white plastic hair curlers mounted on posts (6 jumbo, 10 large, 4 small); metal roller clips encased in plastic bag; unit encased in a blue plastic box with a clear plastic lid,that flips over from center and when closed becomes a carrying case with handle grip on top; white electrical cord (removable) extends from lower edge of base. (b) Merchandising box. Size: 5 1/4" W. x 11" K, x 6 1/4" H. Description: blue paper over white, lightweight cardboard with flip top opening and front and top graphics: curler set; back graphic: curler set and three photos of girl before, during and after curling treatment; printed information: "Kindness Instant Hairsetter by Clairol, 20, Made in Denmark, with use instructions and manufacturer information; pink sticker tag: "Our Low Price 22.95"; (c] accompanying instruction sheet and (d) warranty registration card.