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Graham Family Papers
Number of sheets: 13 C. C. Graham and R. Graham Papers. Marriage certificate of James A. Whitman and Mary A. Kinder dated September 25, 1866. Lanesboro Produce Co. Inc Wholesale Produce Ticket. C C Graham Dated 9-7-1935 Driver signature: Plamer. New Richland Produce Co. Remittance B No 2586 Signed C.C. Graham, dated Oct 23, 1935. Poultry Section filled out Total $18.18. New Richland Produce Co. Remittance B No 2843 Signed C. Graham, dated Nov 1, 1935. Poultry Section filled out Total $26.17. Hope Oil Company Ticket. Hope, Minnesota Dated Oct 6, 1937 Sold to C.C. Graham 60 Gallons of Gasoline Paid $10.20. New Richland Otisco Waseca Domestic Oil Co Ticket - Dated June 25, 1934 - signed C.C. Graham. Hope Oil Ticket dated April 15, 1937 sold to C.C. Graham paid $11.75. White Eagle Oil Corporation Ticket dated 10-25-1934 - signed C.C. Graham of New Richland paid $6.85. Warehouse Scale Ticket dated Nov 9, 1936 signed C.C. Graham. Ticket for W. Wht. Waldorf Produce Co. Ticket dated July 15, 1936 signed C. Graham. Note dated June 19, 1935 sold to C. C. Graham one brood sow, signed Abner Krause. Note dated Oct 11, 1935 "This ? That I this day sold to C.C. Graham one spotted sow weighing about 225 pounds signed Carl Matthis." The Haas Commission Company Live Stock Commission Merchants Ticket. South St. Paul dated Aug 22, 1934. sold for account of C.C. Graham.