59.83.2 a & b
1900 Approximate
Leather North American Indian moccasins. Leather strap around ankle (drawstring effect). Hand lined with fabric. Each moccassin is 10 1/4' X 4 1/2'. They ec. are lazy stitch beaded. The design has a white background and blue cloud designs are coming up three fold around the base in six places. Two large water designs are running down the top of the moccassin with blue cloud designs in the center. The moccassins have a flap which goes over the top of the moccassin with white, green and red beads at the base and down two tails. The end of the tails are decorated with two metal clamps and dyed yellow horse hair. Ceremonial artifact.
Native American. Made by a Northern Plains Indian group, Dakota or possibly Assisnibionbe. The main part appears to be made of elk, with dyed horse hair tassels.