7943 a,b
Dress, Two Piece
1890 Approximate
Two-Piece Black Wool Dress. (a) Jacket. Material: textile, metal. Description: black patterned wool, waist-length; form fitted with interior stays around midriff; brown lining that closes with hooks and eyes; front jacket closure; six small gold buttons on each side of opening; cuffed, long sleeves. (b) Skirt. Material: textile. Size: 45" L. Description: black, patterned wool full, floor-length; hook and eye closure; long red sashes attached at waistband and a scarf: 10 1/2" W. x 45" L. Black, net with 5" black fringe on both ends. Jacket in poor condition - skirt is in fair condition and scarf is in good condition.
Worn by Ella Hansen when her husband Berton was a Mason Lodge commander of No. 4 of Mankato. Goes with scarf 7943 c.