Waseca Comee Odd Fellows Records
Letter from Waseca Comee Lodge #25 to Byron Lodge #135 and transfer, initiation, deposit of card, reinstatement or dues receipt for Martin Nelson, H.G. Nelson, Herbert Noetzel, Percy Nelson, Olif A. Neff, Lyle Nelemans, Roy Nelson, Larry Neff, Stanley Noel, Robert C. Olson Jr., Ed Oeljen, Max Opstein, Edwin Osean, Raymond Osciole, George Olds, Thomas O'Hara, Robert C. Olson, A.W. Peters, George Phelps, Theodore Poorkers, J.C.F. Parrish, Victor Paulson, L. Paske, L.E. Peterson, Louis Philipp, Walter Phillips, George Pfaff, Clare Patten, W.G. Phillips, Wallace Peterson, Edwin W. Peterson, L. Peterson, Marlin Peterson, Edgar Cleland, Bennie Priebe, Andrew Phelps, Lorenz Paske, Wayne Paulson, Henry Paulson, Theodore Pooker. Number of sheets: 53