58.02 o
Hand Family Papers
Number of sheets: 69 Letters to Vern Hand from a person in Minneapolis concerning a speaker who will be coming to the Waseca area, \"N. G. Costtich\"; letter of condolence on the occasion of Vern Hand\'s sister Nellie\'s death from the same person mailed from Columbus, Ohio; from Bess at Horse Shoe Lake, postmarked Waterville and one postmarked from Cloverton, Minnesota; from Ellen attending Mankato Commercial College telling about sliding down the hill and crossing Front Street on a bob holding 8 people; an invitation to a sociable from Josephine at LeSueur Center, Minnesota; letter from Edith Imm of Morristown, Minnesota postmarked Warsaw, Minnesota; a letter from Lois Sheldon of Waterville; letters from Lois mailed from Janesville, Minnesota where she is teaching speaks of Nellie Hand\'s death and the influenza epidemic and the measles outbreak; from friend, Anna Pittmann inviting Vern to a show in Mankato and a letter mailed from Kilkenny, Minnesota; letter from Anna Pittmann after she moved to Rockford, Illinois telling of the celebration the city held upon the news of the end of World War I.