58.02 J
Hand Family Papers
Number of sheets: 31 Letters to Ella (Mrs. John) McMillen in Waterville, Minnesota from Lillie and Jack in Bay Centre, (Hyde Park postmark) Dakota; from cousin, Susan and niece, Daisy in Marietta; from cousins, Stephen and Francis Norris in Montivideo, Minnesota (enclosures: two pieces of shirting material that Francis is sewing for her husband, Stephen and her sons, Charley and Willie; from her mother, Mrs. Hand of Bay Centre, North Dakota (enclosure: a dried leaf); from her brother, William McMillen in Tacoma, Washington; from her sister, Harriet McMillen of Cordova; from her aunt, Sarah Sprague of Lacomb, Oregon; from her sister, Olive and niece, Jennie of Tacoma, Washington; and from her cousin, Becca (Mrs. John Abbial) of Hillyard, Washington sent from Lacomb, Oregon.