Child Family Papers
Child-Goodspeed Steel engravings history. Note about accession number: 90.87.1 framed engraved prints. "3-5-44, This picture and its companion first owned by James E. and Justina (Krassin) Child of Waseca, Minnesota. About 1880, given to their daughter Orilla J. (Mrs. George H. Goodspeed). Framed and hung in their home to about 1940. Loaned to Capt. Walter Child and hung in his home in Minneapolis, Minn. to January 1944. This backing fixed slightly (other picture not touched) and the pair hung in the house of Frank B. and Barbara S. Goodspeed on 79th Street near the intersection of Route 66 and 83 in Downes Grove Township, Dodge County. Frank B. Goodspeed, Barbara S. Goodspeed. Cindy-Folly-Nertz." Number of boxes: 1 Number of sheets: 1